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Everything you need to know about Cuban visas

What is the difference between a Cuban visa and a tourist card? Can I apply for a Cuban visa with a U.S. passport? Will I need to travel to Cuba with a different visa if flying from the U.S.? What is the difference between a pink card and a green card? How many different types of visas are there to enter Cuba? We understand that when it comes to the legal documentation required to enter Cuba it can all become a bit too confusing for most people, so we're here to clear things up and break it all down to simple terms that are easy to understand.

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Do I need a visa to visit Cuba

Do I need a visa to visit Cuba?

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12 August 2022

If you are travelling to Cuba with a British Passport, in the tourism category, you will need a visa in order to clear immigration checkpoints in Cuba. Find out more about the visa requirements to visit Cuba as a tourist

Cuba Tourist Card Requirements

What visa do I need to travel to Cuba?

By Visa Cuba

31 January 2020

All UK and EU passport holders need to obtain a visa to travel to Cuba, and what they need is officially known as a ‘Cuba Tourist Card’, though often referred to as a ‘Cuba Tourist Visa’. This is issued as a piece of paper with your name and other details on it. It is a physical document, so you cannot get it sent to you electronically. You need get hold of this before you fly.

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Do I need a Cuba Tourist Visa Stamped on my Passport

Do I need to get my Cuba Tourist Visa stamped on my passport?

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A Cuba Tourist Visa is not a sticker fixed to your passport. It comes as a separate slip that you carry with you along your travel documents. Find out more.

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The Cuba Tourist Visa Application Form Explained.

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This article explains the information you should have at hand when completing the Cuba Tourist Visa Application Form online at VisaCuba.com, eligibility criteria, and some additional common questions concerning the application process and delivery of your Cuba Tourist Card


Select the type of visa you will need. Pink visas are required for those travellers beginning their journey in the US to Cuba. For those who travel from the Rest of the World to Cuba, they must opt for a green visa.

GREENfrom £27
(Ordinary Visa)

Choose this option if you are arriving from any country, except the USA

USA flag
PINKfrom £59
(Specific Visa)

Choose this option if you are travelling to Cuba from or via any US airport


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