Cuba unveils a fresh electronic visa system tailored for tourism.

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Between May 6th and June 30th, Cuba will roll out a fresh electronic visa system for tourism, replacing the existing tourist card, as announced by Juan Carlos García Granda, the Cuban minister of the sector, at the opening ceremony of the 42nd edition of the International Tourism Fair (fitCuba 2024).

He further mentioned that the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Immigration will oversee the implementation of this system, enabling tour operators and end users to conveniently handle their applications from any internet-connected device.

During the Fair's inauguration, Manuel Marrero Cruz, a member of the Political Bureau of the Party and Prime Minister, reflected on Cuban tourism's growth of over 50% in 2023 compared to the previous year but noted its incomplete return to pre-COVID-19 levels.

"Despite the challenges ahead, our commitment to tourism development persists, recognizing its paramount role in economic recovery for the betterment of our populace," he stressed.

The Head of Government underscored how the evolution of tourism in Cuba is shadowed by the heightened blockade enforced by the United States Government. He pointed out that Cuba remains the sole Caribbean destination where American citizens are legally barred from visiting as tourists.

Nevertheless, he observed, the island boasts a robust tourist infrastructure, with all services and destinations operational, demonstrating rapid recuperation and a highly skilled workforce.

Additionally, in the Prime Minister's presence, hotel chains such as Meliá Hotels International and MGM Muthu Hotels & Resorts finalized business agreements with Cuban entities Gran Caribe and Cubanacán S.A., respectively, for infrastructure management and marketing.


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