Havana Club Cocktail Maestros: Embracing creativity, teamwork, and Cuban heritage.

Havana Club Maestro
Havana Club Cocktail

Carlos Ernesto Estevez Herrera and Gerardo Hernández Bermúdez, representing "La Guarida Bar”," clinched the top spot in the Cuban Final of the prestigious global cocktail competition, Havana Club Cocktail Maestros, held at the iconic Hotel Nacional de Cuba.

In addition, Yandris Rogelio de Armas Ramírez and Mirtha de las Mercedes González Salguero, representing Bar Galería Taller Mederos, secured second place, while Vladimir Márquez Rodríguez and Eric Casanova Ferro, from Bar Moon Restobar, earned the third spot.

Ten finalist teams participated in this phase of the competition, spending an entire day testing their skills and presenting their proposals based on Havana Club's wide range of products and inspired by Cuba's rich cultural tradition.

Throughout the competition, participants faced several challenges before a prestigious jury composed of representatives from Havana Club International S.A., bartenders, and members of the National Association of Bartenders of Cuba.

According to Yuniel Delgado, Head of Marketing and Communication at Havana Club International S.A., it was "a competition where participants overcome different challenges, demonstrating skills of a good bartender such as communication, the art of mixing, the ability to innovate, create, and bring out the Cuban essence, aiming to achieve something novel and creative."

He also mentioned that the winning team has every chance of winning the grand finale, and that the jury designed the competition to prepare them for the next stage. "This is an international competition, with a design adapted to modern times, inviting the international bartender community to bring out their best in these encounters."

Meanwhile, the duo from "La Guarida," in statements to the press, emphasized their "effort, dedication, and creativity as qualities of a good bartender." Carlos and Gerardo, excited about their result, also expressed their eagerness to win and their love for what they do. According to the bartenders, in the final stage of the competition, they drew inspiration from folklore, culture, and the flavours of Cuba. "We are prepared to represent Cuba and demonstrate that Cuban mixology ranks among the best in the world."

Now remains the "Grand Global Final" of the Havana Club Cocktail Maestros competition, which will take place from April 15th to 18th in Havana. It's a space that honors the bartender community and a pioneering initiative that celebrates teamwork, art, mastery in mixology, and the brand's versatility, translated into unique expressions born from the richness of Cuban culture.


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