Hotel Deauville is set to reopen after being closed for four years.

Hotel Deauville
Hotel Deauville Room
Hotel Deauville Pool

The Gran Caribe hotel group has announced the reopening of Havana's Deauville hotel, which had been closed since 2020, after undergoing a renovation process. Situated at the central intersection of Galiano and Malecón (roadway, promenade, and famous seawall), the facility officially reopened on February 28, with guest access commenced on Monday, 4th March.

The renovation efforts encompassed various areas, including the reception and lobby bar, the 13th-floor housing corridor, the buffet restaurant, the Snack-Bar, the pool, and the protocol lounge. However, out of the 144 rooms in the 14-story property, only 100 are currently operational. Additionally, certain projects, such as the multipurpose salon, the bar-looker, and a private breakfast area, are yet to be completed.

Yosy Fuentes, the CEO, revealed to Radio Habana Cuba, that the Deauville will focus on Spain, Russia, Germany, and Mexico as its initial markets. Arlety Peña, Vice President of Gran Caribe, noted that the hotel chain is commemorating its 30th anniversary and is planning a renovation of its products with a new brand strategy aligning with international tourism trends.

Originally opened in 1957, the Deauville was part of the numerous projects initiated by the American mafia in Havana. Named after a French town near the beaches of Normandy known for its luxurious accommodations, the hotel was constructed by a consortium owned by Santo Trafficante Jr. Initially featuring a cabaret and two casinos, it stands as one of the classic hotels along the Malecón, with its distinctive bright blue facade identifying this area of the city.

After being nationalized in October 1960 and witnessing the looting of its casino by public unrest, the Deauville, at 45 meters from street level, became the second tallest building along the traditional Malecón, following an apartment tower at 51-53 that is popularly known as "the building of the sarcophagi."

With architectural elements inspired by the Bauhaus school and the modern movement that gained prominence in the 1950s, the Hotel Deauville played a role in an ambitious tourist plan to reshape Havana's skyline.

Choosing the Deauville as a starting point for exploring Havana provides easy access to both the Historic Centre and the modern Vedado neighbourhood. The hotel's pool on the 6th floor offers a relaxing space with a panoramic view of the Malecón, complemented by amenities such as a buffet restaurant, à la carte service, lobby bar, and cafeteria.

Vasily V. Yakovlev, the commercial director of the Russian tour operator Intourist, sees the Deauville as an excellent choice for clients due to its integrated comfort, proximity to the sea, and its adjacency to the living museum that is the old town of Havana, recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, all conveniently located just minutes away without the need for transportation.

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