Cuba has been awarded the Best Cultural Destination by TripAdvisor in 2024

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On 9th January of last month, TripAdvisor, the leading global travel advisory platform, unveiled its inaugural Travellers’ Choice Award for 2024: Best of the Best Destinations. Based on reviews from TripAdvisor users, these destinations are the most coveted for the upcoming year, with a remarkable 83% of Brits planning a holiday in 2024.

The previous year witnessed a resurgence in global travel, and TripAdvisor’s research suggests that this trend will continue with sustained momentum in 2024. According to TripAdvisor data, over half (62%) of Brits are intending to embark on one or two trips, while a third (31%) are planning three to four trips. Moreover, a staggering 83% of British travellers are prepared to maintain or increase their travel expenditure compared to the previous year.

The Best of the Best Destinations lists, curated by TripAdvisor’s global travel community, serve as a source of inspiration for those mapping out their travels for 2024. These winning destinations are selected based on an analysis of TripAdvisor reviews and rankings from the past year. Spanning across 80 countries, the lists offer a diverse range of options to suit all traveller’s preferences and interests.

The success of destinations like Dubai, Tokyo, Paris, and Marrakech showcases TripAdvisor’s community strong preference for places rich in arts and culture, offering excellent dining options, and providing a plethora of attractions and experiences. Cuba, last year's top trending destination, retains its status as the leading cultural hotspot according to TripAdvisor’s 2024 trend cast.

Cuba has been honoured with the prestigious Best of the Best award on TripAdvisor, following the announcement of the winning destinations for the Travelers’ Choice Awards Best of the Best 2024. Cuba's recognition spans across multiple categories.

TripAdvisor’s rankings position Cuba as the Top Cultural Destination globally, second in popularity among Caribbean destinations, and 18th among the finest culinary destinations.

The country's official media has spread the news joyfully, interpreting this outcome as an encouragement for the country's long-awaited tourism recovery efforts.

Described in the records, Havana embodies a captivating blend of historical architecture and contemporary culture. Beyond the capital city, a visit to the town of Trinidad unveils an array of Spanish colonial architecture. Trinidad city, designated as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, serves as an ideal hub for exploring the renowned Sugar Mills' Valley, known as Valle de los Ingenios.

For essential experiences in Cuba, TripAdvisor recommends exploring Varadero Beach, Havana's historic district, the scenic Viñales Valley, and Pilar Beach on Cayo Guillermo, among other highlights.

TripAdvisor highlights that there are still challenges for U.S. citizens planning to visit Cuba, but as global visitors are aware, this island presents remarkable opportunities for cultural exchange.

All individuals traveling to Cuba for tourism must obtain a tourist visa/card. Airlines will not permit boarding without one. Please be aware that all travellers, including infants, must apply for a tourist card prior to their journey, except for Cuban citizens who are exempt from this requirement.

There are standard tourist cards (green visas) intended for travel from any country other than the USA, without regard to nationality. This implies that if you are travelling to Cuba from a country other than the USA, regardless of your passport, the green visa is suitable for you. However, due to special regulations governing passenger transit between the USA and Cuba, a specific visa is necessary (the pink one). If you are traveling to Cuba via or from the United States, you must obtain a pink visa.

This essential document can be easily acquired via the official provider website  By securing the tourist card beforehand, international travellers can ensure a seamless and trouble-free entry into Cuba, enabling them to fully immerse themselves in their Cuban experiences without encountering any delays or complications.


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