Condor Soars: Introducing a New Flight from Frankfurt to Holguin, Cuba.

Condor A330neo New Livery
Condor Arrives in Holguin

Germany's air connectivity to Cuba receives a significant boost as Condor inaugurates a new flight, marking a milestone in travel between the two countries. The airline Condor incorporated to its regular operations through Frank Pais Garcia International Airport, in Holguin, an A330-900 NEO aircraft, of the latest generation, to consolidate Germany as one of the main sources of tourists to this province.

With 281 passengers on board from Frankfurt, the Airbus, identified with the company's current corporate livery, arrived last Sunday in Holguin's airport, which from now on will take over the flights to the northeastern territory. This expansion underscores the growing demand for travel to Cuba from Germany and reflects Condor's commitment to meeting the needs of travellers seeking to explore the vibrant culture and scenic landscapes of Cuba.

Ricardo Rojas Mastrapa, Director of the Cubatur Travel Agency in the province, explained that operations with the German market have been increasing, since there are currently two fixed weekly frequencies throughout the year to this airport, on Wednesdays and Sundays, and from now on it will do so with a larger aircraft. The Airbus 330-900neo has a capacity for 310 passengers, surpassing the Boeing 767, which previously operated to this destination.

Alexis Gonzalez Arias, head of Ground Operations of the airport terminal, announced that out of the 65 weekly flights during the current winter tourist season, the European nation stands out as one of the countries with more operations and that now, with the incorporation of the new ship it increases the number of possible passengers with respect to the previous one.

Condor Airlines has been flying to the Cuban archipelago uninterruptedly since 1990, when it opened its first Frankfurt-Camagüey-Havana route, and through Holguin more than 10 years ago, where it strives to improve the quality of its services and maintain its position as an aviation reference in this airport. With the inauguration of this new flight, travellers from Germany gain increased accessibility to Cuba, opening up opportunities to discover the island's rich history, diverse culture, and picturesque destinations. Condor's dedication to providing reliable and comfortable air travel ensures that passengers can embark on memorable journeys to Cuba with ease and paves the way for more seamless and enjoyable travel experiences for passengers from both countries.

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