Blue Diamond's expansion in Cuba persists as it absorbs three more hotels in Holguín.

Grand Memories Holguin
Grand Memories Holguin 2

Blue Diamond's expansion in Cuba persists as it absorbs three more hotels in Holguín.

Commencing March 1st, the city of Holguín's three newest and prominent hotels will operate under the brand Mystique Saratoga, owned by the hotel chain Blue Diamond, which is steadily advancing its endeavour to surpass Meliá in Cuba.

Mystique Saratoga will unite with Caballeriza and Esmeralda to establish a boutique complex of elevated standards in lodging and gastronomic services, with the aim of introducing fresh attributes to the environment, as per the digital edition of the newspaper Ahora.

In the Ramón de Antilla peninsula, just a few kilometres from Guardalavaca, Blue Diamond already manages the 430-guest Hotel Grand Memories Holguín suitable for all ages. Furthermore, they oversee the Sanctuary at Grand Memories Holguín section, which also accommodates the same number of rooms and is exclusively for guests aged 18 and above.

Carlos Álvarez Infante, Senior Specialist of Commercial Tourism Policies at the Ministry of Tourism delegation in Holguín, noted the expectation for the Canadian company to manage a segment of Club Amigo Atlántico Guardalavaca, particularly the initial facility built in that resort, along with bungalows in this complex.

There are plans for the inauguration of two additional facilities in the tourist area in 2024, one at Yuraguanal Beach with approximately 600 rooms, the other at this northern coastal point of the province, and another in Ramón de Antilla, where the Government aims to construct over 19,000 rooms in the long run.

Blue Diamond Resorts continues to expand its presence in Cuba, where it presently manages 30 hotels. In January, the company, which owns the Sunwing airline, a major transporter of Canadian tourists to Cuba, announced that its hotel brand Resonance will debut on the island in five hotels during 2024, featuring refurbished facilities and new management contracts.

With this expansion, Blue Diamond Resorts could pose a challenge to Meliá, a Spanish-owned entity, for leadership in the Cuban market, given that Meliá currently operates 33 hotels on the island, including the recently inaugurated Trinidad Peninsula in the central part of the island.

The Canadian hotel chain has undertaken the most significant and aggressive expansion in the country, exclusively managing the tourist destination of Cayo Largo del Sur, with authorities that no other foreign company in the sector possesses in Cuba. It was also mentioned that they will soon assume management of Hotel Colony on the Isle of Youth.

Despite the leisure industry in Cuba not having recovered to the levels of 2019, this growth persists. Juan Carlos García Granda, Minister of Tourism, acknowledged before the National Assembly of People's Power in December that the sector's challenge remains maintaining the stability of service quality. Therefore, this year, a goal of attracting more than three million tourists was announced.

Since its establishment in 2010, Blue Diamond Resorts has emerged as the fastest-growing hotel management company in the Caribbean, boasting over fifty properties comprising more than 18,000 rooms across ten countries, with Cuba leading the way.

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