The national carrier, Cubana de Aviación, has reinstated flight operations to Caracas.

Cubana TU204
Cuba - Venezuela
Cubana Plane TU204

The national carrier, Cubana de Aviación, has reinstated flight operations to Caracas.

The state airline Cubana de Aviación announced the resumption of flights between Havana and Caracas, which have been connecting with Tupolev 204 aircraft since last 25th February, as reported by the official Cuban News Agency (ACN).

As Cubana de Aviación approaches October 8, 2024, with nearly 95 years of service history, the majority of its fleet remains inactive, with only a few aircraft operating domestic flights within the country. As for the airline's Facebook page on the internet, the company currently has only 12 aircraft in its fleet, most of which are grounded due to a shortage of available parts from Russia and maintenance issues.

In September of last year, the state-owned airline Cubana de Aviación announced the return of a Tupolev Tu-204E aircraft that had been undergoing maintenance in Russia. This particular plane was transported to Russia for an extensive and thorough maintenance process, which has since been successfully completed.

The flights operate on a weekly basis, departing from Havana on Sundays at 7:45 AM (Cuba time) and arriving in Caracas at 11:00 AM (Venezuela time). The return flight from Caracas is scheduled for the same day, departing at 1:00 PM (Venezuela time) and landing in Havana at 4:15 PM (Cuba time).

Round-trip tickets for the period from March 10 to 17, 2024, will start at $865.20, according to the official website of the Cuban Government's airline. This high cost is due to the inclusion of "taxes, surcharges, and supplements," according to the ACN.

According to a Facebook post by the Cuban airline, this cost also includes "up to four suitcases weighing 23 kilograms each." Additionally, the airline has enabled the pre-sale of additional suitcases at offices for $120 and will also sell them at the airport on the day of the flight for $150.

Outside of the mentioned March dates, the trip would cost $250 "without luggage." If the traveller wishes to use two suitcases, their ticket will cost $425, and if they carry four suitcases, they will pay $750.

The route between Havana and Caracas has seen an increase in demand in recent months because many are traveling to Caracas, Margarita, and other cities to purchase products to bring back to Cuba.

To ease the importation of food, hygiene items, and medicines, Cuba upholds tax flexibility by exempting customs duties. This legislative measure is among the government's strategies to alleviate shortages in essential goods, attributed to the heightened economic, financial, and commercial embargo imposed by the United States, coupled with the socioeconomic repercussions of the Covid-19 pandemic.

The Chamber of Commerce of the Venezuelan state of Nueva Esparta announced in August 2023 the start of flights to Cuba with a 20-ton capacity cargo plane. This would allow Cubans shoppers to travel to Isla Margarita and carry more.

In February 2023, it was reported that over the previous 12 months, more than 5,000 Cubans had travelled to Isla Margarita for shopping tourism. The "charter operation" Cuba-Venezuela began in March 2022, connecting Havana with the Venezuelan city of Porlamar in the state of Nueva Esparta.

Cubans are required to obtain a visa for entry into Venezuela from the embassy of the South American nation located in Havana. The visa application fee amounts to $30.

Furthermore, the establishment of this new direct air link will help streamline access to Cuba for tourists originating from Venezuela and other South American nations.

Those intending to visit Cuba must acquire a tourist card (visa) prior to their journey. This vital document is easily accessible through the official provider website Securing the tourist card in advance guarantees a seamless entry into Cuba for international travellers, enabling them to immerse themselves fully in their Cuban experiences without encountering any hindrances or delays.


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