Encouraging predictions about the expansion of tourism in Cuba for the next decade.

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Encouraging predictions about the expansion of tourism in Cuba for the next decade.

A recent report, developed in partnership with Oxford Economics, foresees an increase in tourist arrivals over the next decade in destinations such as Cuba, Sweden, Tunisia, Jordan, and Thailand. This occurs in a scenario where travellers worldwide are "prioritizing" leisure trips for their discretionary spending.

According to the WTM Global Travel Report, presented on the opening day of the World Travel Market (WTM) taking place in London until November 8th, the number of leisure trips taken in 2023 will be only 10% below the previous peak in 2019. However, a positive post-pandemic outlook is anticipated for the global tourism industry.

"The rise in costs combined with potential downward shifts in consumer outlook represent a threat to the industry, but there are currently no clear signs that costs are a deterrent to travel volumes," the text states.

The 70-page report acknowledges factors driving price increases such as fuel, staffing, and financial costs in the aviation sector. Nevertheless, consumers in advanced economies are prioritizing short-term leisure travel spending, while overall growth trends in emerging markets are returning to pre-pandemic projections.

According to the document, demand for leisure travel in 2024 will be "robust," and leisure travel spending is expected to more than double 2019 levels by 2033. The research recognizes significant growth in the number of households in China, India, and Indonesia, with the ability to afford international travel.

Juliette Losardo, Director of Exhibitions at World Travel Market London, explained, "The WTM Global Travel Report offers an incredibly detailed insight into how our industry has recovered post-pandemic. It's full of positive indicators that validate the work we've all done to get travel back on its feet.

"But there's no room for complacency. We encourage travel companies to look at the sections on demand drivers, risks and opportunities, and emerging traveller trends. Aligning their own views on these issues with the insights of our experts is a quick way for any business to evaluate where they stand," she emphasized.

Regarding Europe, the value of incoming visitors has returned to pre-pandemic levels, and domestic tourism in the region is also in a positive scenario. This region, which includes the United Kingdom and Turkey, has the highest volume and value of incoming visits.

When assessed in euros, the leading European destinations have displayed a robust resurgence. Spain and France, the top two receiving markets, have seen rises of 33% and 31% respectively compared to 2019. Nonetheless, they are both exceeded by Turkey, the third-largest market in the region, which has witnessed a remarkable 73% uptick.

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